zia martina presents

merenda collection

We met some new friends, and reconnected with old friends. Introducing Strepitosa Chocolate spread from La Tonda Dolci, and Panfrutto from Vicentini 1966.

Grown, made and packed in Italy

Giusto & particolare

They are made right, without cutting any corners. They are also, just a little bit different - and delightful.

inspired by our home town

torcolato d.o.c

A tribute to the town we grew up, Breganze, Veneto, our friends at Vicentini created this beautiful panfrutto with the native sweet wine.

The award wining mother dough is enriched with sultanas soaked in Torcolato wine for added airiness and a tinge of grapey-sweetness.

Everyone loves

Chocolate hazelnut spread

When our friends at La Tonda Dolci started developing lactose and allergen-free recipes, there was no doubt in their minds about where to start.

Meet the most beloved and versatile staple elevated to embrace the 'all natural,' with the list of ingredients that children can read. There are only four, after all. 

perfect summer


We filled long summer days by playing soccer in the alleys, reading lots and lots of books, and enjoying morning and afternoon merenda at home with our friends.

Read about this precious and nostalgic tradition.