Vicentini 1966

In 1966, Siro and Bruna Vicnetini opened their first bakery in Maragnole, Vicenza - a small town an hour away from Venice. Since then, the Vicentini family has been crafting daily bread, cakes, and pastries, growing from a small shop to one of the most beloved bakeries in northern Italy.

In 2022, Vicentini won the silver medal as the most innovative bakery in the country with their mother dough - which is what they use to bake panfrutto and panettone. 

Impressively, Vicentini has been growing their own wheat a few kilometers from the production workshop since 2018, a choice rarely made even by a bakery with the longest tradition. You can imagine their commitment to ethical and sustainable farming and their dedication to the local community. 

Vicentini is also our neighbor, and we have been ardent fans from day one. Their passion for genuine and wholesome treats truly comes across in their bread and cakes we’ve enjoyed since we were little. They also happen to be one of the most hardworking bakers and humble, kind humans that we love, and we are privileged to introduce them as our inaugural artisans.