Pear and Mascarpone Panettone

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Our mother dough panettone with pear and mascarpone.

The favorite of our namesake, Martina, this is the fun one - the one that you toss in your picnic basket, bring to your friend’s party as a gift or tear apart at two in the morning after the holiday party that went on and on and on. Easygoing and slightly sweeter than our classic panettone, it pairs with everything. Pass it around along with a shot of espresso, a chilled afternoon drink, or a glass of amaro.

Ingredients: wheat flour, pear, butter, sugar, mascarpone cheese (pasteurized cow's milk, citric acid), cage-free egg yolks, glucose syrup, orange peel, yeast (wheat flour, water), honey, salt,, barley, bourbon vanilla, natural flavor. Contains: wheat, egg, milk. May contain: tree nuts, sesame seeds, soy.

Net weight 750g, about 1lb 11oz.

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Gemini Maria
Hands down - best ever!

Our family has panettone at Christmas breakfast as long as I remember (+50 years..). This is the fist time there were arguments over the last piece.
Don't even bother comparing this to the panettones you see in the deli or home stores - you will just end up throwing them away.

Gale Mendes
Pear & Mascarpone Pannetone

The is wonderful Pear & Mascarpone Pannetone
was a gift which my friends loved ! It was delicious they reported back to me. I will purchase another one next year for the Christmas Holidays!

Theresa Osborne
Wonderfully delicious

The perfect holiday treat. As good or better than the panettone in Italy.

The best panettone ever!

So moist and tasty! Loved every bite!

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