La Tonda Dolci

Federico Gastaldi of La Tonda Dolci created his Strepitosa chocolate hazelnut spread out of necessity - his own lactose intolerance.

Chocolate spread is one of his favorite sweets, and thinking he can make anything 'chocolate' with chocolate spread, he searched for a kind that does not contain allergens and lactose. After learning that there is no such thing as a lactose-free, allergen-free chocolate spread that tasted great, he set out to create one himself. He worked through the recipe for two years until he finally made his final product - Strepitosa.

We cannot forget the moment when we tasted Strepitosa. After a few dozen rounds of chocolate hazelnut spread tasting, you would think they all taste the same. But we never tasted something like this before - it was mesmerizing to feel every ingredient harmoniously creating the perfect sweet bite. And that was the end of our search.

If everyone deserves a little luxury in life, this would be it.

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